Our leadership team
Art Miroshin´╗┐
Yana Shu
Creative director / Founder
3D supervisor
Alex Kenig
Dmytro Kyrilovets
VFX supervisor
Editor / VFX editor
Art expertly marries creativity with technical constraints.

He maximizes impact while adhering to budget constraints and possesses deep knowledge of transitioning a project from idea conception to technical execution.
Yana excels in visualization and rendering. She ensures meticulous final visuals, whether it's preserving product details or delivering blockbuster quality.

With her architectural background, Yana guarantees 100% physical accuracy.
Dan is an expert in all the tools related to game development and is responsible for the visual aspects of all projects aimed at game engines.
Alex specializes in FX animations and simulations. He transforms every idea into something vibrant and compelling.

Alex leads the team in producing standout visual effects.
Dmytro oversees the final content assembly and quality.

With a keen eye for detail, he evaluates the product's final version and contributes creative ideas for optimal content presentation.
Vitaliy is probably the hardest-working member in our team. His role is to ensure that all tasks are clearly assigned and deadlines are strictly adhered to.
Dan Hrisanov
Interactive / Previz supervisor
Vit Zubarev
Project manager
Global in reach, local in LA
Embracing change and keeping pace with industry advancements, we've optimized our creative development.

Our team consists of over 25 talented experts from all corners of the globe, each bringing their unique skills and experiences.
We have specifically developed top-notch Color/Conforming suit for content finishing.
Our global team operates locally and virtually, allowing for near 24/7 productivity
Production team supervising projects.
Our strategy?
Assemble the best team for every project, ensuring efficiency.

By curating teams based on project needs, we optimize workflow and drive remarkable results every time.
Welcome to our office!